What is Gold?

Among the precious metals, gold is an extremely popular choice for making jewellery.  The colour of pure of gold is yellow, gold jewellery are almost always alloys.  The metal they are alloyed with changes their colour to a variety of shades depending on the type of metal alloys included, the percentage of each metal alloy and the metals used to alloy gold.  It comes in 3 colours: yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. 

Karatage – “K”, indicates the amount of pure gold in the jewellery.  A higher karat amount means a purer gold content.  The higher karat amount is less durable metal, for such, the jewellery from Anima usually making with 18K gold.  18K, the most preserving and increasing metal among the other metal. 

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Yellow Gold  

Yellow Gold is made of pure gold mixed with copper and zinc. The amount of pure gold depends on its karatage: 

  • 24 Karat: 99.9% Pure
  • 22 Karat: 91.7% Pure
  • 18 Karat: 75% Pure
  • 14 Karat: 58.3% Pure
  • 10 Karat: 41.7% Pure

Yellow Gold is the purest colour of all the golds, and the most hypoallergenic of all the three gold colours.  

White Gold

White Gold is made of pure gold mixed with white metals such as nickel, silver and palladium, with a rhodium coating.  White gold is real gold but not made entirely of gold.  The White gold is different from the platinum, it’s more affordable than platinum.  Its modern silvery-white colour becomes more popular than yellow gold

Rose Gold 

Rose Gold is made of pure gold mixed with copper and silver.  Rose Gold is real gold but not made entirely of gold.  The rose colour is given by the copper and silver.  Rose Gold to be the most romantic metal due to its pinkish-red colour.  It’s very durable because of the use of the copper.  Sometimes Rose Gold is not perfect al all, it can probably cause allergic reactions in some.

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