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"Anima is derived from Latin and can be interpreted as one’s soul life and true inner self.  We hope every customer at Anima Animus can find a piece of jewelry that resonates with their soul."

At Anima Animus , we embrace the art of being yourself.

A diamond will never shine without enough pressure and polish.  Likewise, we are all just hidden gems waiting to be discovered and shaped.  Each individual is unique and powerful in their own ways.

"Believe in yourself.  You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and stronger than you think."-Roy T. Bennett

To us, the transformation of a raw stone to a polished diamond is just the beginning.  Our focus is helping you to shine on the stage with confidence.

At Anima Animus, we strive to create powerful jewelry pieces that can reflect your attitude and personal style.

We hope our creations can be as remarkable and free as yourself.

Anima Animus