About Anima Animus

"Anima is derived from Latin and means soul life. We hope to walk with you along your soul-discovering experience."

Conflict-free Materials
Anima Animus takes provenance seriously, we work with mines in South Africa, Australia and Sri Lanka and all diamonds are produced and shipped in strict ethical standards without connection to rebel and terror groups.

First-hand, First-class Global Sources
Anima Animus picks diamonds, 18K gold, gemstones (and much more of course!) to walk you through your unique soul journey. We have our own suppliers, providing first-hand and commission-free resources.

Be the pieces of craftsmanship a memory, an experience, with Anima Animus, every one-and-the-only moment is timeless, we believe the investment value of your piece will grow with time.

Personalized Service
Anima Animus welcomes you to become your own story-teller. Enlighten us with your concept and our experts will tailor-make your exclusive piece. We provide extensive choices of stones to suit your favorite design. It is all about you and your connection with the art piece.

Professional Design Team
Our professional design team crafts stylish, exquisite, delicate pieces to our customers. All jewelry pieces are inlayed by Hong Kong veteran metalworking masters. We also work with an Israeli jewelry factory for professional cutting and polishing.

20-year Experienced Jewelry Factory
Anima Animus has our own jewelry production line with 20 years of experience in the industry, therefore the perfect craftsmanship and high-quality jewelry. We quality-check every single piece before having it delivered to your hands. Sit back and watch your diamonds shine!

Free Shipping Worldwide
We provide free and timely worldwide delivery service. From shopping to delivery, we strive to provide you a pleasant experience with Anima Animus.

Intimate after-sales Service
We offer intimate after-sales services for all customers, such as cleaning, resizing, return and exchange. Just drop us a message!

Anima Animus is committed to providing you with high-quality and comprehensive services to all customers. We walk with you along your soul-discovering experience.